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A city in Michigan with about 200,000 residents. The metropolitan area has around 1,000,000 residents. It has the highest murder, rape, assault, and theft in all of West Michigan. It is also home to GRPS which owns Union high school, Ottawa high school, Creston high school, and Central high school who all four are on the list of worst schools in the U.S. Union has the highest drop out rate in all of the U.S. under 25% of their students graduate. 1 of 9 will make it to senior year. Union also is number second highest for assault, and third for weapons. In one year alone there were four rapings, two shoot outs, and 53 incidents of weapons un just Union. All in all Union made it second on the list of worst high schools in the U.S followed by Creston 4th Ottawa 5th and Central 10th.
"Martha who is that trashy new boy."

"Oh that's a product of Grand Rapids."

by Aaron Linton September 07, 2008

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