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Italians have never invented a single thing. We take the rest of the world's shit and make it better. The Chinese invented rice noodles, I talians made real pasta. As far as girls go you will never find any brunettes hotter. 2nd hottest babes in the universe after Swedish girls. Cars include Ferrari and Lamborghini. Ferraris are the fastest cars that are street legal not to mention they're awesome looking. Lambo's are the hottest looking cars. They are the best sports cars out there for two reasons:

1. They are designed by Italy and

2. They are engineered by Germany. (Lambo was bought by Audi, and that's owned by Volkswagen).

Food is the best on earth. Frenchies a couple countries over think they make the best food, which is just not true. The pope lives in Italy (technically) and he will kick the prime minister's douchebag asshole.

Italians have a little higher testosterone levels than most other races, other than black people. This causes us to be extremely short tempered and naturally strong so don't fuck with us.
Look at that flaming hot Italian chick on the hood of that Lamborghini.

Yeah, France can suck it.

NOTE: Not all French people are assholes. Some are pretty cool. It's just the upper-middle class and upper class that everyone hates.
by AWESOMEITALIAN1245 November 05, 2009

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