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A teeny bopper (also known as tee-bee) are usually girls who are younger than 14. All they aim to do is flirt with guys, have millions on boyfriends and hook up a jillion times a day. They wear clothes much older than their age and think its looks 'cool', what they dont know is most people just think they're immature little sluts.
They walk around the school thinking they own everything, and all the guys would fall at their feet.

When girls call them sluts they come out with the correct term for a slut, which is just fucking annoying.
Their definition of fun is walking around the streets like little prostitutes waiting for guys to beep at them. To make them look 'cool' they will hook up with every guy and dont forget every girl.
teeny bopper- immature little sluts
by AUSTRALIA SAYS NO TO TB'S!! November 14, 2011
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