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Similar to barking spiders. When someone flatulates, you blame it on the barking frogs.
A: *farts loudly* Did you hear those barking frogs?
B: Yep, they're really loud today.
by ATXD March 05, 2008
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1. Another word for pussy, vagina, vertical smile, gravity defying taco, etc. The female genitalia.

2. Acronym used in the US Army to describe an armor crewman (tanker) that is not currently assigned to ana ctual tank. Tanker Without A Tank.

1. A: Heard you got laid this weekend...
B: Ya, but I had to lick her twat first.

2. A: Did you hear PFC Jones got assigned as the Major's Humvee driver?
b: Fuckin TWAT.
by ATXD March 08, 2008
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