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Any wackass car (civic, prelude, integra, accord, camry, sentra, etc) w/a rocket exaust tip yu can fist fuck and sounds like God's taking a piss after a 2 hr drive from nyc to atlantic city w/o a bathroom and w/ no engine mods what so ever...no racing pistons, no new crankshafts, no pulley gears, no cams etc. onli things modded are 'intake', paint, stickers, tints, rimz that go round and round, and rockets
HOMEY in a HONDA ODDESSY <minivan>: ayoo check out that ugly ass riced out radioactive green prelude next to us
ME: go race that shit on the highway
end result: a honda minivan owned a prelude w/ a 30 foot tall spoiler...also painted radioactive green
by ANDREW luvs SUPRAS February 21, 2005
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