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Anyone name Joe that has the potential to make a situation that much better whether that is taking a bad situation to a good or a good situation to great. Hence the Joe effect.
Johnny: Dawg this party is dull.. I hope Joe shows up... (30mins later)

Johnny: Dawg this party is off the chain since Joe showed up
Jack: man that's called the Joe effect
by America1 January 09, 2013

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Fat and stupid people from Nebraska who eat fried mayonaise balls to get fat so they stay on the ground while they're chasin them tornadies.
Kayden is sucha Nebraskan. He eats fried mayonaise balls erahhday.

Branson and his cousin (wife) are such Nebraskans. They just recently invested in a red Ford pickup to chase them tornadies.
by AMERICA1 July 09, 2009

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