1 definition by AJ Nicko

It is a responsibility for us, human beings, to pay respect to our fallen hero harambe, you simply take your dick out as a sign of loyalty and to raise self awareness of all the marvelous things harambe did for us while he was on this planet.
Ben dover: yo, dude why you got your dick out, you don't want to rape me I got diahrrea.

Mike respect Johnson: hahaha, no, no, I am just paying tribute to harambe.

Cop: hey sir, you can't expose your dick out here during this a hillary campaign rally.

Corny McHorny: yes I can, the third admendment of the constitution says I have the freedom to hashtag dicks out for harambe.
Hillary clinton: Let him take his dick out for harambe, as a matter of fact, let me get mine out.
Everybody: O_o WTF now we know who got the pants in the hillary/bill relationship.
by AJ Nicko August 28, 2016
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