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A LAN party is where a large number of albinos, almost always male, gather in darkened rooms to protect them from the harshness of the sun and the corrosive effects of oxygen, and the bears, which as we all know, live "outside", and can only be guarded against by being inside. They engage in various mental exercises, most often simulated battle, to prepare them for any possible future hostile action taken by "others". These simulations are loaded into computers, which are usually owned and brought by the participants. There is often a small supply of sustenance available at the start, though it is ignored by most of the participants for the first many hours. In fact, many of the participants subsit solely on the copious amounts of stimulants that are available, usually dissolved into liquids with a high energy content. The event usually occurs until the participants are drawn away to other pursuits, most often infiltration missions into the general population.
The LAN Party is a sacred rite.
by AGTMADCAT February 26, 2005

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One of the latest derogatory variations of the word "Newbie" as it applies to the online gaming comunity. Originally the word was split into two forms Newbie for someone just learning the ropes, but who looks to be a promising member of the community, and n00bie (or n00b), who is willfully ignorant, disrespectful, and greatly looked down upon by the other players. Somehow "newb" and "n00b" got twisted into "newf" and "n00f", respectively, keeping their respective meanings mostly intact. The newer and older terms are both currently in use.
STFU n00f! Stop whining!
by AGTMADCAT November 23, 2004

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