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(n.) The nigga particle. A subatomic particle that makes up all things related to Blacks, i.e. fried chicken, watermelon, purple drank, booty, stolen bikes, and coco butter.
Ja'kwon- Tyrone, get your shit together!

Tyrone- I did. In fact, I have a PHD in Nigology and discovered a particle that makes up all things nigga.

Ja'kwon- What?

Tyrone- It's called the Niggs Boson.
by A-Bag 777 July 31, 2013

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(n). Best known placebo known to mankind.
Little Billy was dying of cancer, so he prayed that God and Jesus would let him live. He died two months later possessing strong, but ultimately useless, hope. Not surprisingly, his prayer was in vain.
by A-Bag 777 August 12, 2012

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A verbal acknowledgement of a foolish action of someone other than oneself. Situations deserving this acknowledgement range from one unintentionally stepping in dog shit, intentionally stepping in dog shit, being made your girlfriend's bitch, sleeping with a tranny, etc.
Pat: Dude, did you hear that Matt got donkey punched by his girlfriend the other night?

Jake: Dude, that means he was receiving. What the fuck?!

Pat: I just thought you'd like to know.

Jake: Classic Reggie. Wait a minute, how do you know this?

Pat: ...
by A-Bag 777 July 29, 2012

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