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Something totaly unachieavble as long as humans live. The only way peace will be achived on this planet is nuke the entire planet.

People who think peace is possible havnt really looked at human history.
We beat the crap outter each other as caveman coz the other caveguy had fire ... and where still doing it now but for drugs, money and oil.
nutjob: am gonner go on a march for peace
Realist: How the march gonner obtain peace?
nutjob: erm ... wot?! ... shut up!!!
by A realist May 28, 2004
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A self-important cunt who thinks she somehow has it all figured out. See fucktard.
PeachyKeen: Hey, eating animals is wrong!
A Realist: Yeah, and that's why animals eat each other all the time. It's called the natural order of things. Humans have incisors, bicuspids, and canines for a reason.

PeachyKeen: Give peace a chance!
A Realist: I believe in peace through superior firepower. When nobody fucks with you because they know they'll get blown away for it, then maybe you'll have a shred of this farsical concept called "peace."

by A Realist July 25, 2003
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