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Gorylution is stupidity defined, plain & simple. They attack others to hide those same embarassments in themselves. They claim that DPI is some wierdo or something, but in reality, Darkness Productions, Inc. (as he was known) is highly intelligent. They only attacked him because they felt inferior compared to him. I've known DPI for some time and from experience, compared to DPI, Gorylution is a bunch of mentally retarded kids who have no life. Take anything they say with a grain of salt. Anything they say isn't to be believed. DPI learned about his "supposed" royalty from a relative of his who learned about it from a "supposed" royal member of DPI's family. Once the right time comes, DPI will investigate the matter.
Gorylution's members were bullied in school and abused & molested at home. The group is akin to a cancer. It is a cancer that, untreated, can destroy anything it touches. It has recently become the cancer of the AntDogs.com forums. Although, it is also the fault of AntDogs for letting them in. So, in ways, AntDogs is no better than Gorylution. It is led by a moron (J.Gory) and the only female of the group (GoryGirl) is a raging, attention-needing slut. However, as of recently, it has been alleged BY J.Gory that GoryGirl is actually a guy. It has also been alleged that J.Gory actually went out with GoryGirl once and was rejected, hence the reason why J.Gory says GoryGirl is actually a guy. In the end, Gorylution is humanity's proof that evolution sometimes skips a generation.
by A former member of Gorylution October 19, 2006
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