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A group of people who percieves themselves to be "better, more elite" than everyone else. No better than a bunch of bullies, frankly. They are led by an idiot (J.Gory) and have nothing better to do than waste time. The only female member (GoryGirl) is nothing but an attention whore, falely accusing others of harrasment & such. The other members (Darren, dgener8nX, Justin Cousineau, Justin "Snatcher2047" Aaron, RobCon, & Whittle/dlomyhero) are no smarter, due to their unquestioned loyalty to such a pathetic group (aka "the blind leading the blind"). And, most important is Gorylution's official enabler (AntDogs) who runs the board where Gorylution runs rampart. Apparently, he isn't serious about running the board, which in turn gives Gorylution more...whatever to turn the board into their own personal playground, which they basically have done already.
Gorylution is NOT a group that one should wish to be associated with. They represent the true "internet stupidity". They are cowards who use strength in numbers to commit their crimes. Gorylution is no different than a group of mentally-retarded kids. Also, just to show how stupid they are, a girl was able to infiltrate their ranks and divide them. Even though, it was later found out that this "girl" was actually a guy who decieved everyone. So, in reality, the "girl" who divided them is no worse than them.
by A former friend of Gorylution January 13, 2007
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