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A single dichotomous relationship in which the parties involved interact sometimes as the best of friends, and in other instances the worst of enemies in a continual, perpetual cycle.
In the Present: Nicky Hilton in Bed with Paris Hilton's Enemy,"she is my friendenemy Exclaims Paris".
1 week later: Paris Hilton said to reporters today that her an Niky are the best of friends.

4 weeks later: Nicky Hilton leaves Paris Hilton for a new BFF, and potentially Paris Hilton's reality show, stating that their relationship is officially over, or is this just friendenemy talk".

2 months later: Nicky and Paris, Best sisters and friends forever, as they showed up together at MTV's VMA awards, see the friendenemy fall out at the after party.

Paris & Nicky, these are just fictitious examples, there is no need to call me, well unless you really want to ...

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