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all emo bitches are some fuckin wrist slitin, black wearing, non-alcohol drinking, lound music listening, death wishin, noose wearin, rain jumpin, top of your lungs screamin, punk posin, sad fakin, no hope havin, death clock readin, derogatory, grass is greener on the other side sayin, fucked up brain havin, russian roulette playin, suicide tryin, bridge jumpin, garage band playin, simple plan listenin, "don't know what it's like" singing, bumper sticker sportin, throat slashin, no friend havin, hermit livin, crack smokin, not fittin in cuz you don't know what's best for you livin, scar sportin, buttoned back pack wearin, devil worshipping, good for nothin, corner sittin, glass is half empty lookin, whiney guitar playin, web cam livin, social parastite, depressed, grabastic piece of amphibian shit, i would kill you myself, but your worhtless shitty life is not worthy of my 14 hole Doc Martin, which the brains of your fuckin skull would be stained upon, plus, you'll probably just off yourself next week anyways, or at least try.

Have a great fuckin day.
Cheer up, emo bitch, your middle class life can't suck that bad, try being in Iraq for a year.
by A Punk and A Thug June 02, 2006
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