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v.: 1. To leap out of nowhere and frighten someone, simultaneously yelling "Fulchino'd!!" Usually takes place at an entirely inappropriate moment, i.e. at a wedding ceremony, in a hospital, the day after Halloween, etc.

2. To frighten or startle someone, typically punctuating with a yell of "Fulchino'd!!" May occur over the phone in the middle of the night, by text message, via time capsule, etc.
Person 1: I wonder what's in this closet...
Person 2: (bursting through closet door) Fulchino'd!!
Person 1: AAAH!! Jesus Christ you scared the crap out of me!!
by A good samaritan September 22, 2013
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Y'ass. This is a clever colloquialism, derived from the merging og the word "you" and "ass." It is most commonly used when referring to someone, or something who is, was, or will be an "ass." This term was actually not 'created,' as such, one would be inclined to say that it 'developed.' You see, the term first came into use when a dashing young man repeatedly found that his good friend was constantly making a fool of himself. After a while, having to incessantly iterate that his friend was, indeed, an ass, our hero became tired, and began slurring his words, thus producing today's term "y'ass."
Goddamnit, Erika, y'ass, would you stop rubbing yourself with those socks? Listen, we've been over that ridiculous sock fetish of yours.
by A Good Samaritan June 01, 2004
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