1 definition by A magical British persona

Someone who has dedicated most of their time to celebrate a game who's community has became worthless and toxic and filled with terrible fan games. Moreover, they get off on porn with goats, robots and incestual skeletons. They attract unnecessary attention if you are friends with them, and have no sense of comedy. They have an infintisemal amount of AUs, all of which are completely stupid and blatant copies of each other. Finally, they constantly listen to remixes of the same exact song, based only on the fact it is intended for a different AU - the only difference, in fact, is the pitch or volume (and cringiness) of the 'song'.
Guy 1: I was with some of my mates and this weird ass Undertale Fan came up and started talking about this goat mom or something
Guy 2: Whoa, that's really creepy. You should report them or something.
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