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A very poor and ugly town filled with faggots who think they are better then Basking Ridge, which is the richest and most prestigious town in the east half of the entire country. People who live in bernardsville claim that Basking Ridge "sucks" and is worse then them. But in reality bernardville is a piece of shit town filled with mexicans and shitty movie theatures.
Basking Ridge Kid *Talking to another Basking Ridge Friend* : "Hey wanna see a movie tonight?"

Friend : "yeah sure! there is a movie theature in bernardsville we can go to!"

Other friend : "Ew why would i want to go to that shit hole, lets just take your Lamborghini to the mall!"

Friend : "Okay sure! but first my dad has to finish buying his 9th house and a few more Ferraris"
by 8934hibjgfjkseh October 26, 2012

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