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Deluded, irrational fans of the actress Jennifer Aniston. Usually middle-aged housewives, they firmly and mistakenly believe that Aniston is a beautiful, talented actress. Fanistons hate Angelina Jolie with a passion as they (still!) blame her and her hypnovagina for breaking up Aniston's marriage to Brad Pitt.
"The only reason Jen hasn't won an Oscar like that slut Whorelina! is that she's too good and pure to fuck her way up the ladder." -- An actual quote from a Faniston

"Christ, you should see the Fanistons screaming about 'BLACKFACE' over on justjared in an attempt to get people riled up. Yeah, whatever, beeyotches." -- An actual quote from a normal humanbeing
by 890 July 18, 2007

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