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Hardcore kids don't wear their sisters pants, paint their nails or rock that Pat Benetar emo hairdo. Those are Indie Rockers that dress like that. A hardcore kid wears a fitted 51/50 cap to the side, a hoodie with a band logo on it, baggy jeans, or cargo shorts. Always in a fresh pair of kicks, with a wallet chain and typically listens to early 90s Hip Hop like Biggie, Tupac and Wu Tang, along with all kinds of Punk, Metal and Hardcore from the 70s til the 90s..

Hardcore kids can be straight edge and socially conscience, but most tough guy types will drink beer, smoke weed, sniff coke, get rowdy in the pit and get into fights.

REAL Hardcore kids are typically in their late 20s to mid 30s because "hardcore kid" is a term that was created in the mid 90s when bands like Madball, Sick of it All, Indecision, 25 ta Life, VOD, among others, were in their prime. But like 7 Seconds said back in the early 80s, Young Til I Die!

Know your history.
emo fag #1: I was having so much fun at the Murphy's Law show until some stupid hardcore kid jumped on my head and knocked me to the floor.

emo fag #2 aww shucks that sucks brah, I told you you should have come to the Fall Out Boy show instead.
by 718 HARDCORE March 17, 2010
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