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Named after his net worth, 50 is one of the most well known modern rappers. he is also the most overplayed, over publicised, over commercialised new-age fake-ass rapper. Hip-hop my ass. 50 is about as hip hop as barry white. R'n'B SHIT. anyone who thinks hes hip hop you need to open your fucking eyes. oh 50 aint rap's MVP either you fake fucks. VINNIE PAZ, ESOTERIC, GZA, INSPECTAH DECK, METHOD MAN, ARMY OF THE PHAROAHS, GHOSTFACE KILLAH - THATS HIP HOP CUNTS, BIG L REST IN PEACE.
"I got the maagic stick" well lil kim can stick it up your fuckin ass 50 cent, love from australia
by 6151KILLINBABIES December 20, 2006
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