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Triple AAA

Asshole = religious men, and misogynic god male ego superiority believer, also Arrogant male who act hard &, and carry other unwelcome features like “we always right“. Exp: OJ-S verdict cheerier, pedo popo, ma son, and free ma son.

Ass = Non-religious male who think male, and female are equal, love women, lick women ass. Exp: Real Porn Stars, Geniuses, Real Street Guys, free minded male.

Asses = like women but don’t know why they get better use of them when they treat them bad. Exp: Often they are Tartuffe, Confuse male, Players.

Tripple: horse's gait: a horse's gait in which the horse moves its two left legs together and then its two right legs together
Tell me which one of the tripple AAA do you like in a man.
by 411a444 December 29, 2011

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