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Unfuckwithable. The Queen. There be-eth only one, highly intimidating, sentient being in history to have ever achieved legibility to be associated with the said term.

It's root term, "fabulous" is self explanatory where as the following term "BAB", is an acronym for " Boss Ass Bitch."

Only one person, who is at the epitome of royalty, will ever have the right to be called fababulous.
Guy #1 : "Whoa bruh, did you see dat ass?!"

Guy #2 : "Aye mayne, das Bia, she dat fababulous mermaid Queen chic. Don't fuck wit her bruh."

Guy #1 : *stares for too long* ; *can't handle the fababulousity* ; *dick explodes* ; *dies*
by 3sood July 13, 2014

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