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Released as the B-side to 1992's "baby got back"
"Cakeboy" describes a fellow that will "take your girlfriend from ya" while at the same time "makin' your homeboys wonder"
A cakeboy is the sensitive sort of male that a dacade later would be known as a metrosexual that prefers "cappuchino latte", "drives a yellow camaro and may well "move to the old disco groove" though it may look "like a Chubby Checker nightmare".
"Get an around the way girl, and keep on bailin'
And if you're stuck with one of them stuck up ducks/
Huh, don't press your luck/
'Cause she'll leave you for what she enjoys/
It ain't a man, it's a straight up cakeboy!"
by 36linescreen February 18, 2005

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