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A small town east of Jacksonville, FL. It is populated by mostly wealthy older people who think that all those without said age or money do not belong in their town. Thinly veiled racism and elitism abound.
The city is divided into segments as follows: 1.)There is the ghetto known as Royal Palm/Mayport, this is an embarrassment to all those not living there, commonly forgotten when speaking of AB. 2.)There is the old part of the town populated by people who just want the 32233 zip code without having a decent house, mostly made of old beach homes converted to rental property. 3.)There is the ultra rich area composed of beachfront homes, Selva Marina and those streets north of approx 13th. In this final section you will find more blue-blood, than nouveau riche.
Save up your money son, and then someday you'll be able to rent half a duplex in Atlantic Beach, FL!
by 32233 born and raised February 23, 2008

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