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best state in the mutha fucking country. down here you got beaches, mickey mouse,and great weather (expect during hurricane season) the state where the fucking snowbirds come down for the winter and ruin everything like clogging up the cities & driving at 25 mph in the fast lane. State where for some reason people from up north (mostly NY & NJ)move down to & start bitchin & saying things like: this place sucks, is so boring down here, I hate it down here, and I miss being up north. well those people can FUCK OFF !!! the only place where where the farther north you go the closer to the south you are & the farther south you go it seems that your closer to latin america. did i mention that the 305 (miami)has sum of the finest females eva.
the state of florida is da shit dawg
by 305boi November 25, 2005

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