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The most pointless waste of time and energy ever designed by Albany to further prove how ineffectual and idle they are.
Some regents are easy but tedious while others are hard and badly worded. The Regents is only noticed by Colleges in NY state and thats whether you passed or not. The system of passing is also flawed as hell. The passing could be 35 out of 86 or 45 or 55. Some regents have no curve and you get what you get. If you fail you either go to summer school and or take the test again (which is pointless as you probably forgot everything). Many Teachers feel that the regents is constraining their class room creativity. Some teachers spend more time warning you about how hard and stressful the regents is then encouraging you. You cant graduate without taking those stupid exams and this shit has been around since the 1870s so every generation can expect to be hit by this massive turd.
1)Teacher: Fail the regents exam and Jesus will hate you.

2)Student: I failed the Regents by one point.
Regents Board : Sucks to be you LOL

3)Student: I passed the Global Regents with a 100, do I get to go to college for free
College Outside New York : The fucks a Regis ?

4)Student: I freaking aced the Algebra regents man I got 98, I'm a fucking genius I'm going to Harvard!!
Student: Only New York Schools look at the regents and thats to see if you passed or not.
by 23Jwacak354 June 18, 2009