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A work to describe buff girls. A common requirement is that these girls have plump bootys. "dippage" is often used to refer to a large group of dips (buff girls).
Dipside is lining up outside tha club. everywhere they look, dips are around. its a cold day, but the dips are still in skimpy clothing. Itz all good.

Young pentz says "oh ma dayz look at all the dippage"
2Shae says "RIGHT! i aint dipped in a loooong time, i'ma get myself sum dippage"
LBJuelz says "ahh lob on!!"

meanwhile, Dizzee Radford is at the local chinese restaurant to see Sefton AKA chink. Dizzee says "oi chink can i have my usual small one. i'll put it on my tab". chink says "oi aint u goin to tha club? theres gona be more dippage than you could shake a dip-stick at". Dizzee says "yea i'm goin after i pick up my small one!".

3 hours later, tha club is closed. 2Shae, Young Pentz and LBJuelz have dipped vigerously and have full dipometers. Dizzee Radford, unfortunately was talkin about his small one a litle too much and by the time he reached tha club, rumours about him had spread all over town! needless to say, he didnt get any dippage...
by 2$hae January 11, 2007

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