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Rackatoid Arthritis is a chronic disease affecting woman mainly characterized by inflammation of the lining of lumbar, hip, and knee joints due to, among other reasons, the repetitive stress on the body associated with munificent natural or artificial breasts. It is closely related to the syndrome affecting overweight males known as Bitchtitoid Arthritis. Sometimes Rackatoid Arthritis can arise from the rapid denigration of spine curvature (see Splendidbreastosis).
While Mary's magnanimous mammaries made her the focal point of teen attention during her cheerleading tenure, in later years she regrettably suffered terribly first with Splendidbreastosis, and subsequently with Rackatoid Arthritis which effectively brought an end to, among other things, her scantily clad pogo stick videos which enjoyed a burgeoning audience on YouTube.
by 1atom12 September 17, 2009