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A person with ginger hair of any shade. Some gingers can be pale, tan, some can have freckles to the max or just have a few. People get extremely jealous of gingers. They consider them to be soul-less and you automatically came off the boat from Irland. They are mainly jealous becuase they know gingers are considered the sexiest people alive. People try to immitate the natual ginger color. Old ladies compliment you and ask where you bought your hair dye. Nick names always come out of having red hair. Fire Crotch, Carrot Top, Freckle Face, Ginga', etc. Truly taste-less jokes come out of it, too. "You weren't born in a hospital! Your mom threw any old spice into the pot and poof, you!"
I am a ginger and I know most people are jealous of me :)
by 15632 April 26, 2007
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