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Probably the worst band ever formed. For people who don't know them, thank god for you, it's pretty much cliche rap mixed with some type of metalcore. When I say cliche rap, I mean most of TODAYS rap, meaning that all I hear in the lyrics is "haters", "bitches", "faggots", killing those said people, sex, and drugs. That one song about whoevers "weenie" is so annoying as shit. If I was religious, I would pray for them and their retarded, brainless "fans", but sadly for them, I am not.
Person 1: let's listen to some Hollywood Undead!
Person 2: how about we listen to some real music, like Megadeth, or Between The Buried And Me?
Person 1: who?
Person 2: *punches person 1 in face* I'm sorry for you.
by 12083127 February 07, 2010
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