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Sarai means “princess” in Hebrew. She is caring , loyal, and goofy. While she’s friendly she’s actually quite shy sometimes. She observes a lot. She has a high sex drive and can be very bold when it comes to her life life. She’s definitely broken some hearts but not On purpose. She might have trouble committing because she’s scared she’ll get hurt. Her desire to give to those she loves is big. If u date a Sarai you’ll have the seemingly perfect girl ...smart, pretty, thick, funny , talented , etc. but she tends to overthink a lot and it may cause some issues. But her beautiful spirit and positive vibe doesn’t go unnoticed if Sarai enters a room people can’t help but stare. People are drawn to her open and positive vibes and energy. She’s very open and helps everyone without being bias. Sometimes she helps in order to ignore her own issues. Sarai is that one girl you’ll never forget. In someway she’ll always be stuck in some part of your memory.
Dude 1: “Yeo remember Sarai “

Dude2: “Bro yes she was mad pretty and she can dance”

Dude 3: “Nah bro she was thickkkk”
by 1+val June 04, 2020

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