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a saying in punjabi describing total chaos, or total annoyance in ones current setting.
Eh kee Kuth kaana!
What is this Kuth Kaana
stop this kuth kaana
by -H- September 26, 2006
An utterly imaginary and fictional term, much like "pixie-dust" because there is no such thing.

The idea of a post-racial America is comforting to many, yet that does not make the idea reality.

Maybe one day America will truly be post-racial but the election of an African-American president does not mean the nation as a whole has moved beyond all racial issues and racist points of view.

Maybe election of a Black president (defined as one descended from American slave ancestry) would move us even closer to post-racial.
Welcome to post-racial America
What is post-racial?
Post-racial America isn't here yet
The illusion of post-racial America
by -H- June 29, 2009