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Nija is the most Gorgeous Girl, You could meet, she is Loyal As Fuck! She is a complete package. Shes wifey material and is most likely to marry a man who name start with M(he’s the one). She smoke sometimes. Nija is a girl you get money with, have kids with and catch licks with. Shes not fake, she’s always on her shit. She not like these other girls, not a follower. She don’t waist time, She independent, loving and protective. Nija loves her family and will kill for them. She tops all these bitches and can’t no other girl top her no matter what. Nija is naturally funny and love to eat. She will pay for people and help out, she has lots of money and ain’t lazy. She’s a full course meal, has good yummy(good hygiene) , is the best in bed. Shes thick and has a perfect body. She completes her goals and is smart. She isn’t messy or the drama type but she will fuck you up. Shes clean. She might have an attitudes but the hoes love it. She duck men left and right. Nija doesn’t go back to her exes and you can’t make her mad with someone she already had. No one will have one up on her. Nija doesn’t have a type that’s why men love her. She doesn’t have hoes. Nija is a girl that men are looking for. She gives the best advice. She’s not the type to cheat, if you give her your heart she will protect it. She’s only have one girl best because the girls are messy but she hang with the men cause they are chill and are her brothas. Nija is like a second Jesus. Her loyalty 100%
Him: Damn Nija is that special somebody
Them: you should go with her
Others: no she’s mine

Him: she’s the queen
by -Anijah February 09, 2021

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