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Le Parkour (also known simply as Parkour, PK, or free running)was invented in 1988 in the Parisian suburb of Lisses by a group of teenagers including the legends David Belle and Sebastien Foucan, who formed a clan called the "Yamakasi", or new (modern) samurai. it is a sport in which practitioners, called "traceurs, run, jump, climb, and roll rhrough rooftops, gaps, pipes, practically anything in an urban environment. it demands great physical agility, and masters of PK, such as Belle, are able to jump over cars, leap 9-meter distances from one rooftop to anotherIt has been described as "obstacle-coursing" or "the art of movement". the fluid art of parkour is sometimes combined with the smooth flow of such arts such as capoeira and Xtreme martial arts. examples of such hybrid practitioners are Team Ryouko, the famous Toronto martial arts stunt team, and the mysterious Xyndicate, a tiny, underground clan located in the eastern United States.
"PK is as 1337 as break-dancing!"

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a clan originating from ancient chinese ancestry, it has been revived by an unknown faction in the United States, calling themselves the Xyndicate. composed of only 4 males, reportedly below the age of 18. there is no further information on the clan, except that they are proficient in the arts of parkour and xtreme martial arts, and are extremely dangerous and violent.
"where the hell are we? i dunno."
*beating up noises*
"it's the Xyndicate!!!"

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