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The answer to a question you don't know the answer to. Trust me it works.
Cisco Teacher: David, can you please explain why you should send out an ARP request every time you renew your IP address on a class C network?

Me: ...because god hates noobs!

Cisco Teacher: 10 points on your next test as a bonus!

*we start making out(shes a chick btw, and super fine)*
by *insert middle finger here* June 22, 2006

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The worst genre of metal and probably all of music out there besides rap and country. All black metal is is just a gimmick. It's a genre of metal where talentless people with a guitar and drumset can get a record deal and produce awful noise. It usually consists of losers who dress up like goths. The band must use the following: very shitty recording and mixing, absolutely no form of bass, a very distorted incorehent treble guitar, shitty drum beat, and a vocalist who sounds like he's a vulture or vomiting(must always be incoherent at all costs). Black metal gives metal a bad name and should be abolished. I have no clue why people actually like it. Look you fucktards just because a band gains some popularity doesn't mean they sold out. It just means more people appreciate them and their fanbase is growing. Bands like Burzum are underground for a reason, because he is so fucking bad.

My friend told me to download Burzum, so I did. At first I thought it was a joke band, just a spoof on metal. The guy sings so bad he actually coughs in his songs because he sucks. I looked him up and found out he is a real band. What the fuck is wrong with you people?
Out of all the awful bands that is black metal, Venom, is the one I can really enjoy. As a fan of metal, this is a disgrace. They should just rename Black Metal to crap metal, because it's just that, crap.
by *insert middle finger here* June 22, 2006

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