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1 definition by ***IXLR8***

3l33t, 3133+, or other derivitives thereof: Hacker/ gamer/ computer nerd text language used in many computer savy circles.

A: 4, B: 8, C: (, D: |), E: 3, F: F, G: G, H: |-|, I: !, J: J, K: |<, L: 1, M: |\/|, N: |\|, O: 0, P: P, Q: Q, R: R, S: $, T: +, U: U, V: \/, W: \/\/, X: *, Y: Y, Z: Z

Of course there are some alterations with certain words. In 3133t, words are written phoenetically, and are subject to change with the speakers choice. The word "you" can be written as "U," "Y0U," or even "J00." (Read it out loud if you dont get that one). Below are some examples.
$p33|< 3133+?
Y3$, ! U|\||)3R$+4|\||) J00.
+H!$ !$ |\/|Y 3|\|+RY 4 3133t !|\| UR84|\||)!(+!0|\|4Ry.(0|\/|

by ***IXLR8*** November 27, 2003
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