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An awesome anime about 2 female assassins.One of them being a girl whos alias is Kirika Yumura, who has amnesia and cant discover why she is so good at killing and feels no emotion when doing it.The other is Mirielle Boquet.She recieved an email from Kirika which said "Take a pilgrimage to the past with me." So she decides to find Kirika and help rediscover her past.But in doing so,Mirelle will kill Kirika once they do.The series is really great (especially in the later eps when Chloe appears.)They soon discover who the true Noir is.Noir being the codename for the ultimate assassin.The series is famous for its haunting visuals and GREAT soundtrack
Noir is my favorie anime.
by (insertnamehere) August 09, 2003

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short for Full Metal Panic.
did you get FMP Mission:02 yet?
by (insertnamehere) August 09, 2003

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