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A small-ass school that no one really cares about. People who go there are rich or in crippling debt. All the guys are either ugly or douchebags and all the girls are either ugly or frat rats. All of the student-athletes think they're the shit even though the school is D3. A wide range of intelligence is at Illinois Wesleyan: smart and poor people or rich and stupid people. Greek life is huge at Wesleyan. The sororities don't explicitly have beef with each other but every frat thinks they're top house (besides acacia who are we kidding). The most common phrase of frat boys at Wesleyan is "fuck (insert another frat here)". None of them have great reputations. People who aren't in Greek life or student-athletes are basically like adults who have gone back to college: focused on school work and think all other college students are fucking degenerates. If you go to Illinois Wesleyan you will complain about it 24/7 until you are forced to go home with your family and then you will remember that no adults/police on-campus give a fuck about what you do and you will miss it.
John: Hey I heard you go to some bullshit school called Illinois Wesleyan, what the fuck is that?

Sheila: Yeah you probably haven't heard about, but you can open carry alcohol, unlike at ISU where if you say vodka above whisper volume you'll get arrested.

John: Sweet let's party then

Sheila: okay looks like we're going to tke

Illinois Wesleyan University: the rich kid's shithole
by 🅱️oneless May 06, 2020
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