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Puga is a great creature that can feel waves and skittles while bowling. It is an all knowing creation of hell and heaven. Bascally it is a very hot, sexy, beautiful. Many people like it. This person is really friendly and won't leave you behind. Also this creature is very stupid and can also sense thing called Hunga Dunga. It has a power that is called "puga lick". This creature is also known as a master of disaster and destroyer of enything what is ine the room. Loves anime, mangas, food, people and many other things. Actually is not that stupid but does a lot of stupid and recless shit.
Puga! You stupid, beautiful bitch!
Puga you wre the best Puga in the world!
Puga loveeeeee
You are as friendly as Puga.
by ściana_węgla May 07, 2020

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