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The greatest, sexiest, nicest people on the entire planet. Despite people's constant confusing us with being a certain Greek food, we are proud of who we are, but not to the point of going around stirring shit with our fellow neighbours. Anybody with the slightest knowledge of Central (NOT EASTERN!) Europe will understand that the correct denonym for someone from the Slovak Republic (not Slovakia) is a Slovak, not 'Slovakian.'
Also, we are not Slovenes. They have their own country. And we aren't Czechs. They too have their own country.

The Slovak language is widely regarded as the most 'beautiful' of all Slavic languages, this is a result of its central position amongst them. This also means it's the Slavic language most Slavs can understand (ie the most mutually intelligable of all Slavic languages between Slavic languages)

Slovaks have a rich and diverse culture even though we suck at Eurovision :)
The amitable Slovak people are world renowned for their hospitality and general awesomeness.

Slovensko žije!
1: Omg, you're so awesome, are you by any chance Slovak?
2: Ano, Ako sa mate?
by Ľudovít Štúr April 24, 2009

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