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A product of the mid eighties, mostly known for its infinite need for hibernation. It is noted for its inability to conduct the simplest tasks (such as thinking) while in its 'lazy-mode' (which occupies 95% of its lifespan). In the remaining 5%, however, it does show signs of liveliness by engaging in rather human activities, getting in touch with others on regular intervals, and producing exquisite art of different sorts.

Can be likely found lying on any flat surface (i.e, Couch, Bed, Floor, Desk) or on BBM.
Example 1

Person 1: Hey man where've you been all week?
Person 2: In bed, I pulled an L.

Example 2

Girlfriend: Sup?
L (aka ali): I can't think, my mind's blank.
by \(n__n)/ July 1, 2010
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