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Okay. For all these bro bashers on her who think that we are all loud, ignorant, rowdy people. I myself am a former bro. Not all bro are white trash. I am a bro and I also happen to be black. I understand yes we drive large lifted trucks but who cares. Yes we wear brands like skin, metal mulisha, fox etc. Yes bros love to party. But their not all douche bags and rednecks. Bros are just people who like to live their own life style. We like being different.

Bros are just care free party goin people. Not all bros like to fight but if u piss us of enough u better expect to get ef'd uhp. We usualy don't pick fights we end them. we do like to groom ourself but that doesn't mean were metro or homo we just like to look good. And not all of us are spoiled sons of rich parent. I myself work for my toys (dirtbike, quads. Sandrails etc.). Bros are jus people who love big extreme things....so ther it is that's what a REAL bro is...just thought id set the record straight
Kid1: dude check out that new bro kid
Kid2: yeh his trucks super sick
Kid 1: plus he's black so that makes him even better
by [dGAf]{7br02} November 29, 2009
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