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You Got Questions, Ninja Got Answers.
A podcast about a guy wearing a t-shirt on his face answering questions about random things people with odd names send in to him. Some questions include things like:
"What do you think of the number three?"
"Can Midgets be ninjas?"
"How do you kill a ninja?"
"Would you like to watch a movie with me?"
Quite funny I must say, Costantly advertising their "Ninja Mart Store" and "Hope is Emo"
In my opinion, Even though Hope is actually that lady from MadTV, I'm sure the character must be related to that Ninja guy. Really, I can see the family resemblance.
Ask A Ninja Man: "Sorry, I chopped off your boyfriends arms, need a hug?"
by [Alea] August 17, 2006

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A phrase that can be used in all ways. All of the time. Answer a question in this way and people will know not to mess with you, or they will be to afraid to do just that.
Mother: Johnny, finish your potatoes"
Johnny(age 8): "I ate them all"

Mother: "Johnny, where are my children?"
Johnny(age 14): "I ate them all"

Friend: "Johnny, where are my shrooms?"
Johnny(age 16): "I ate them all"

Nurse: "John, wake up"
Johnny(age 80) "No"
by [Alea] August 15, 2006

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In long form: Androgenous Punk. A punk that at first glance, you can't tell the gender of. This is usually not because of how the person looks, but because of how they dress. Should not be confused with Gays, though there are gay Andropunks in existance.
Example 1: "For while there I thought those two punks were dating because the short one looks like a girl!"

Example 2: "I thought that punk chick was a guy for so long until she wore a tighter shirt one day."

Both are perfect examples of an Andropunk.
by [Alea] August 06, 2006

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