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Brianas are hot, with great bodies, usually italian or black. The kind of guys brianas are attracted to are older men, (20smaybe 30s) and will do anything to find the right guy... shes a player whos been played, and is always trying to find the right guy and the seconds she doubts its him, she dumps him. Usually not very ambitiouse, but has alot of friends, loooooooves music and guys who play instraments or who are in bands, and has a rouph life and past with her famly issues... she also likes guys name:quinn, jake,john,johnny,jack,joeseph,maxton,or sometimes chris ... etc....
g1:Dude shes hot!

g2:yeah but her personalities great too...<3

g1:you know her?

g2:yeah her names briana
by <3<3Queen<3<3 July 25, 2012

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