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God's gift to man.
Incredibly humourous if used correctly.

Billy-"Is sarcasm really God's gift to man?"
Me-"No, I just said that for no reason. F-nugget."
by ;klajd;jka February 20, 2006
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A terrible genre of music.

Typically enjoyed by white conservatives of the south or midwest.

To be a male country musician today you must:

* Wear a cowboy outfit
* Have a southern accent (whether it be fake or not)
* Be from Texas (whether you actually are or not)
* Love Bush
* Enjoy Nascar
* Unite with fellow hicks
* Ect.

Yee Haw.
country music
Billy- "Do all country 'musicians' suck?"
Me- "Besides Johnny Cash, yes."
by ;klajd;jka February 18, 2006
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