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Sex is like math:

You add the bed,
Subtract the clothes,
Divide the legs,
And pray you don't multiply.
Guy 1 to guy 2: Sarah and I were remembering high school math in bed last night when we had sex. We went at it like wild monkeys!
by (v.j.o) March 27, 2008

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A man who is nearing middle-aged, moves out from his family into a small (but well decorated) apartment somewhere in the city, wears fancy clothing (esp. fancy scarves and leather shoes), hygiene + style suddenly becomes an issue, he goes to funky sushi bars for dinner and attends jazz concerts every friday night. A hint of gay is included.
Guy 1: Did you hear that John left Sarah and the kids and moved into a small flat in the South End?
Guy 2: Yeah, I saw him last week and he invited me to sushi and a jazz concert this friday.
Guy 1: Hmmm, I think he's gone metrosexual
by (v.j.o) March 27, 2008

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