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Kitty- noun. If you are friends with a Kitty, you are the luckiest person in the world, never let her go. She is an amazing, lovable person. She gives love even if she doesn't get it it back. Her charms can persuade you with anything like she is putting a spell on you. She may be shy at times, but once you get to know her she is the most crazy, hilarious, weirdest person ever. Kitty has a big heart and will give it to anyone she can trust. She is a beautiful person and her voice is a stunning sound everyone would die to hear it just once. Yes, she can be a little impatient at times but that makes you love her even more. Trust me when I say this: you need a kitty in your life.
Person: Hey! What's your name?
Kitty: *mumbles* Kitty...
Person: I didn't quite get that, could you say it again please?
Person: Ok! Ok!

Kitty: *smiles sweetly* see ya!
by (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*.✧ October 31, 2019

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