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A brotha that has A sweet ass Escalade sittin on twenty fo's but theres 1/4th of a gallon in his tank and he ain't payed a single payment to date.

A brotha that carrys a Louie Vuitton duffle bag with what appears to be stacks of cash in it, but that shit don't got stacks, oh no, that shit is full of all his escalade repo letters, letters from Child services fo late child support checks, his heating bills, his water bills,and his electric bills he ain't been payin in three years because "that shit too expensive cuz".

A brotha that lives in tha projects, eats government cheese, and still lives with his parents that wears the flyest jays, ed hardy,and bling chains.
Person 1: Dayummmm look at that brotha he ridin clean wit dat Escalade sittin on 24's wit that phat duffle bag in the passenger seat.

Person 2: Fuck homie you crazy thats DayDay the feds lookin fo that brotha fo 4 years and i seen him beggin his momma fo money to buy the new 23 Jordan's.

Person 1: His ass is just Hood Rich.
by $tl$treet July 10, 2008

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