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Referring to dark colored, fleshy pussy lips. Typically found amongst <br>women of hispanic or asian descent; though this term is used when <br>the features are seen out of context on a lighter skinned white woman.<br> Instead of perky, pink labia, a girl possesses an unexpected <br>darker shade of vaginal protrusion. Not seen as a bad thing; some <br>find this attribute unique and appealing. Recently it has gained <br>notoriety and a fetish-like following.
Ex. 1: "When I took off Amanda's thong she had a Horse Pussy".
Ex. 2: "Her horse Pussy looked like a grilled burger between two sesame seed buns".
Ex. 3: "That white girl's meat curtains looked more like a roast beef sandwich".
by $ilver Hor$e February 28, 2009
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