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The day that best people are born on, there the best kind of people to know where if you mess with them or there friends, your in big trouble, if you are friends with someone born on this day like I am, you are such a fortune person, Liv, your the best :) by Marmite/Masda 😂
Person 1: When's your birthday?
Person 2: March 16th
Person 1: OMG, you lucky son of a bitch 😁
by #VSCOsavetheturtlesandioopsksk October 19, 2019

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When you take a huge shit and you raise your ass off the seat and swirl around to get a perfect whip and then once the shit is completed you give it to your most loved one. *for extra love sprinkle sweetcorn on top*
-what did you get jess for Christmas?
-oh I got her a Mr whippy! She's gonna love it
Jess: I want a divorce.
by #VSCOsavetheturtlesandioopsksk December 01, 2019

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